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Purbach am Neusidler See - Region Neusidlersee-Leithagebirge WORLD HERITAGE NATURE RESERVE
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The Region
Purbach lies in the Heart of the
Lake Neusiedl-Leitha Range World Heritage Nature Reserve
Where the chain of hills meets the lake ...
The diversity of the landscape elements in a confined area contributes to the uniqueness of this part of the Neusiedl Lake Nature Reserve. Vineyards between the high lime-sandstone ridge and the broad belt of reeds of Europe's largest steppe lake with natural mixed forests, dry grasslands and wet meadows form a varied landscape.

The Nature Reserve also offers a great many culturally historic attractions, such as old wine-cellar lanes and community centres with well-maintained buildings from the 16th century. A number colourful events and guided World Heritage tours or canoe excursions delight the many visitors to the five Nature Reserve communities of Donnerskirchen, Purbach, Breitenbrunn, Winden and Jois.

The little country wine town ensures great diversity - and an equally great offer: on the west bank of the lake, on the sunny slopes of the Leitha Range you can enjoy marvellously relaxing holidays, culinary highlights and select wines in the heart of an idyllic World Heritage cultural landscape.

Moreover, this romantic town fascinates with its centuries of history.
Purbach Turk - 1532
Fortified Walls with Three Turk Portals - 1630 to 1634
Historic Cellar Lane - 1850 (80 cellars)
Renovated Ancient Town Centre

Cherry Blossom Magic
The Pannonian spring begins at the end of March in the Neusiedl Lake-Leitha Range World Heritage Nature Reserve. The first medicinal herbs shoot and are discovered on guided hikes.

A further magical natural spectacle, which takes place each year, is to be observed in the middle of April. It envelops the landscape between Lake Neusiedl and the Leitha range in an aromatic, white veil: the blossoming of the cherry trees - thousands of cherry trees in the "region of pleasure" blossom in their full splendour. Simultaneous to the blossoming of the cherry trees, yellow pheasant's eye, dark violet common pasque flowers, pink and white larkspur, violet grape hyacinths and the yellow and violet dwarf iris transform the dry grasslands on the southern slopes of the Leitha range into a colourful sea of flowers.

These natural phenomena are not only an invitation to hike and cycle in this unique World Heritage cultural landscape, but will also foster the desire for a longer stay with culinary specialities offered by the local gastronomes.