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Purbach am Neusidler See - Region Neusidlersee-Leithagebirge WORLD HERITAGE NATURE RESERVE
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Excursion Tips
Trip Destinations
In about 40 minutes you can reach Vienna, or the Slowakian capital Bratislava, and the former capital of Burgenland - today Hungarian city - Sopron.
So you can explore on day trips this historically significant towns.

Even closer is Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, and the former residence of the - still very influential - aristocratic family Esterhazy.
Who is walking through this small but extraordinary town is always in the footsteps of the great composer Joseph Haydn, who was many years in the service of Esterhazy's.

However, not only the larger cities are worth visiting, also around the Lake Neusiedler is much to discover. A walk to the museum of Wander Bertoni, to the bear caves of Winden, or a trip to the village museum Mönchhof, to the castle Halbturn, or to the roman archaeological park Carnuntum, should be a must for any holiday.
Also a shopping spree through the Designer Outlet in Parndorf is a perfect alternative to grab a bargain on cloudy days - or a visit to the Spa St. Martin's in Frauenkirchen ...

St.Martins Spa Frauenkirchen

More informations and tips for trips, you will receive in the Touristinformation!


Some nearby Concerts and Events
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  • West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein)
    08.Jul. - 14.Aug. 2021
  • Kartenreservierung
  • Büro Eisenstadt
    Joseph-Haydn-Gasse 40/1
    Tel: +43 2682/66210
    Mörbisch Tel: +43 2685/8181-0
  • Turandot (Giacomo Puccini)
    14.Jul. - 21.Aug. 2021
  • Information und Kartenbestellung
    Tel. +43 2682 / 65 0 65
    online Bestellung
  • Haydn Konzerte - Haydn Festspiele
  • diverse Konzerte & Ausstellungen
  • Informationen und Kartenbestellung
    Schloss Esterházy
    Tel. +43 2682/61866
  • Kartenverkauf Schloss Esterházy
    Tel. +43 2682/66211
  • Schlosskonzerte jeden Samstag ab 19.30 Uhr, Juli/August
  • diverse kulturelle Veranstaltungen
  • Informationen Tel. +43 2172/8577
  • diverse kulturelle Veranstaltungen
  • Information und Kartenbestellung
    Tel. +43 2684/2209
  • Burgmaus Forfel - diverse Veranstaltungen
    Tel. +43 2626/63467 u. 63125
  • Ausstellungen, Tel. +43 2626/81212
  • Ethnographisches Museum Schloss Kittsee
  • Informationen Tel. +43 2143/2304
  • Archäologischer Park -
    wiedergeborene Stadt der römischen Kaiser
  • Römerfestival (Sep)
  • Römische Gaumenfreuden (Jul / Aug)
  • Kinderprogramm
  • Informationen Tel. +43 2163/33770
auf dem Weg nach Carnuntum:
das Geburtshaus von Joseph Haydn in Rohrau ...

  • Exkursionen in alle Teilgebiete des Nationalparks
    (Anmeldung erforderlich)
  • Nationalpark Informationszentrum
    Tel. +43 2175/3442